Kind words from people I have worked with...








"I loved every second of my time with Captured Kerry, she always has a smile on her face. Very pretty and a great sense of humour. I can say anyone working with CK will just love this girl. I feel like I have found a new friend and can't recommend her high enough to other photographers."


FETLIFE: cuffkey1

CLIPS: clips4sale


"Captured_Kerry is young but already very experienced. She knows what she wants and that is important as nobody interested in serious images wants to have a shy model where you need to explain each and every pose. She is smart and you can chat with her, with ease, about the world and his brother. This makes life as a photographer a lot easier. She is able to improvise and always has a smile on her lips. Shooting with her never gets boring.
She is a stunning beauty, I'm sure I do not need to mention, one can see it on the pics.
I personally like to shoot with her so much, that I occasionally book her to come to Germany for a couple of days. That should express anything."





"Captured_kerry is a fantastic model, she's beautiful, smart, sexy and funny. She is also very professional and has helped to make shoots a collaborative process, I cannot recommend her any higher, if you work with her once you'll understand why."

FETLIFE: Markarian


"I discovered Kerry at Boundcon 2015 and knew immediately about her potential. She doesn't just have the looks, she also got the brains. And my shooting invitation to Berlin in Autumn 2015 only confirmed, that she is one of the most easy to work with models I have ever encountered so far. Awesome time, awesome results. She is very uncomplicated, spontanious and if something does not quite go as planned (we all know that happens), she takes it easy. She can improvise, she is tough, she is really good at what she does - and you can feel she loves it. Passion is important - it really fills out moment. I continuously like to see her back here in Germany and highly recommend her as a model."

FETLIFE: dance-with-me